Developing Your Plan for an Electric Bus Fleet

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Learn How to Best Make the Move to an eBus Fleet and Infrastructure

Electrifying your school bus fleet has many benefits that positively impact the environment, district budgets, and more. Federal, state, and local incentives are opening up quickly and can cover large portions of costs. But the road to electrification requires careful navigation. Every aspect can be complex, including technology selection, financing options, optimized operations, and regulatory compliance.

But now, your district can take advantage of a one-stop, turnkey eBus solution from ENGIE, an experienced provider of K-12 energy solutions. The approach is comprehensive—from initial planning to final installation—so your district can easily transition to an integrated, cost-effective eBus system.

This eBook provides school districts with an overview of:

  • Reasons to electrify now
  • Variables to consider when building a plan
  • How certain incentives and infrastructure can reduce total cost of ownership
  • Benefits of a turnkey, comprehensive approach to electrification
  • Experiences of other districts making this transition

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Just planning for a transition to an electric fleet is a daunting task when you think of all the variables involved. ENGIE helped us put together a plan we could afford...They turned a challenge into a real opportunity for our district.

Lindsey Danner, Aquatics and Energy, Manager, Grossmont Union High School District